As is, the Intellivision outputs only RF.  There are at least 3 different kits to modernize the video output from an Intellivision. These include:

  • Fred Kono's RGB amp: oldest kit, RGB only
  • Yannick's RGB amp: RGB only
  • Crayon King's amp: RGB only or RGB/S-Video/composite

Unless you need S-Video and composite output, we suggest going with an RGB only solution (less holes to drill in the external case) While we installed many of Fred Kono's RGB amps in the past, it's recently gotten more difficult to source and we now recommend Crayon King's amp due to it's highest compatibility rate with modern RGB to HDMI scalars.

A comprehensive install includes the following:

  • Intellivision RGB kit install
  • system cleanup and verification


  • A working Intellivision system must be provided
  • We periodically have stock of the Crayon King's RGB kits.  If not, you will need to provide an RGB kit to install.
  • This kit has been tested and known to work on most Mattel made Intellivision revisions (Intellivision 1, 2, ..)
  • The RGB port used will be an 8 pin mini DIN.  It will be wired to the XRGB mini standard.
  • The best SCART RGB 8 pin miniDIN cable is the one Tim Worthington sells as an option with the 2600RGB. You can also purchase this cable from us directly.

Intellivision RGB install

  • Brand: Mattel
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