September, 2023 - This kit is no longer being made / sold. If you happen to have the kit, I will install it for you. Otherwise, you need to wait till a replacement is made available.

Install Tim Worthington's 2600RGB kit in an Atari 2600 console. There are 3 different major revisions of the Atari 2600; depending on which console you have, a different adapter to interface to the 2600 main PCB is required.  The 3 consoles are:

  • 6 switches 
  • 4 switches
  • 2600 Jr

The 2600RGB kit gives you the option to replace the stock RF connector with one or more of these video output options. When deciding what options you want to add to your 2600 keep in mind that each one will mean another port will need to be added to your console (drill hole, add connector):

  • composite video
  • S-Video
  • RGB
  • Component Video (using HD Retrovision cables or similar RGB to component encoders)

A comprehensive install includes the following:

  • 2600RGB kit install (including new voltage regulator and new main power capacitor)
  • Install one or more of the desired video output connectors
  • Install palette switch
  • system cleanup and verification


  • A working 2600 system must be provided
  • The best 2600 SCART RGB cable is the one Tim sells as an option with the 2600RGB. You can also purchase this cable from us directly.

2600RGB install

  • Brand: Atari
  • Product Code: 2600RGB
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $75.00 CAD

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