Install PixelFX's PS1 Retro GEM into a Sony PS1. This will give you 1080p HDMI output from all your games. While this kit will work with Sony PS1 models SCPH-5xxx and SCPH-700x  (PU-18 and PU-20) we strongly recommend only getting it installed in a SCPH-5xxx (PU18) console. This will allow you to upgrade the optical disc in the future to an optical disc emulator such as the XStation which only support the SCPH-5xxx.

A comprehensive install includes the following:

  • Install the kit into the PS1
  • Upgrade to the latest available firmware
  • system cleanup and verification


  • A working Sony PS1 system must be provided that is compatible with the kit.
  • The Retro GEM kit must be provided by the customer.  It can be purchased here.
  • Ask us about our discount if we install an ODE in your PS1 at the same time as the Retro GEM

PS1 HDMI (PixelFX Retro GEM) install

  • Brand: Sony
  • Product Code: PS1GEM
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $100.00 CAD

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