Unfortunately, the Atari Lynx 2 has a few design flaws:

  • front buttons membrane that uses carbon printed connector where the carbon rubs off if you open the console and take it apart
  • power MOSFET failure which results in the system not powering on
  • zener diode failure which results in system damage by allowing >5V to go to the CPU, PPU and RAM ICs and destroying one or more of these chips

We've seen it all, we've fixed it all when it comes to the Atari Lynx 2.  Replacing the membrane, replacing RAM and all the custom ICs, replacing all the capacitors, and also rebuilding the entire power circuit.  If you got an Atari Lynx 2 that doesn't power on, or powers on and has no audio or strange sounding audio, or video that freezes after a few seconds, we can fix it.

Unfortunately, we won't know what's wrong with your Atari Lynx 2 until we are able to open it and test it and then get back to you. We can then give you an estimate on the actual repair cost.  If any ICs need to be replaced, we only use new-old-stock; we never salvage parts from another Atari Lynx; we buy all our new parts from Best Electronics

Atari Lynx repair

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