While the Atari Lynx 2 is a great portable console, the stock LCD screen is pretty poor with its washed out look and poor refresh rate. We can replace the tired LCD screen with a modern McWill screen in your Atari Lynx 2. In addition to installing the LCD screen, we also rebuild the power circuit on the Lynx 2; a common failure point that results in either no power or permanent system damage by allowing >5V to go to the CPU, PPU and RAM ICs.

A comprehensive install includes the following:

  • Install the McWill LCD kit
  • Refresh the Atari Lynx 2 power circuit by replacing the 5V zener diode, MOSFET power IC, 2 power transistors and AC jack
  • system cleanup and verification


  • A working Atari Lynx 2 console must be provided (We are able to fix dead ones, but extra charges will apply depending on what's broken)
  • The McWill LCD kit must be provided by the customer
  • To maintain the external appearance of the console, we don't typically install the VGA port for play on your TV
  • A full cap kit of the console is not required by highly recommended

Lynx 2 McWill LCD install

  • Brand: Atari
  • Product Code: LYNX2MCWILL
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $100.00 CAD

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