It's common for one or both Nintendo Virtual Boy LCD screens to fail. This is caused because Nintendo chose to glue the LCD flex ribbon to the circuit board.  With age, the glue holding the flex ribbon dries up, releases and the LCD screen fails.

A comprehensive repair includes the following:

  • Remove both LCD screens from the Virtual Boy headset
  • Solder each pin of the ribbon to the circuit board under it
  • Extensive cleaning to remove flux residue, burnt glue residue, etc.
  • Test the system to make sure it's 100% operational


  • The Virtual Boy unit must boot (music sound when turned on, even if nothing shows up on screen)
  • This service is to fix both LCD screens (even if only 1 has failed)
  • In rare cases, a fix might not be possible (if LCD is internally damaged)

NEW FOR 2024:

I've been fixing old flex ribbons using the microscope solder method for over a decade. The fix is permanent and works great. Recently, new replacement ribbons have come to the market to fix LCD screens with permanently damaged ribbons. I now stock these ribbons for those customers that prefer new ribbons instead or reusing the old ones or who attempted to fix their Virtual Boy on their own and damaged the ribbons beyond repair.

There's an extra fee to cover the cost of the new flex ribbons + shipping from Switzerland.

Virtual Boy LCD repair

  • Brand: Nintendo
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