The Vectrex is almost 40 years old and many units are starting to fail, mostly due to leaking capacitors (especially on the vector monitor chassis) We've fixed over 100 of these units and know their most common issues. The most common failure is bad capacitors which need to be replaced.

A comprehensive repair includes the following:

  • electrolytic capacitors will be replaced by high quality Japanese brand (Nichicon, Panasonic, Rubycon, ...)
  • Polystyrene integrator caps will be replaced
  • new 78S05 voltage regulator with new thermal paste
  • new 7905 voltage regulator with new thermal paste
  • rebuild the power / volume switch
  • (optional) debuzz kit to remove the buzz out from the audio speaker
  • use test cart to align the screen back to factory settings


  • Given the age of the system, if the unit does not function correctly, there could be other failed components that might need to be replaced at an added cost.
  • NEW for 2023: For the past decade I've charge the same cost to refurbish a Vectrex. Unfortunately, simple cap kit + power rebuild is no longer the common failure. I see a lot of custom IC failures (PIA, Sound, Line decoders, multiplexers and of course the deflection amp). It takes HOURS to identify the failing chip. A typical Vectrex repair is 4-5 hours now. As such, I had to raise the price to cover the extra time.

Vectrex refurbishment

  • Brand: GCE
  • Product Code: VECTREX_FIX
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $150.00 CAD

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