The Sega CD1 has a bunch of electrolytic capacitors that leak all over the internal circuit boards resulting in traces and vias no longer making electrical connections and render the drive in-operational.  We've successfully restored dozens of these devices to working condition.

A comprehensive repair includes the following:

  • remove all the old electrolytic capacitors
  • clean / restore the capacitor landings
  • fix any broken traces / vias 
  • electrolytic capacitors will be replaced by high quality Japanese brand (Nichicon, Panasonic, Rubycon, ...)
  • replace the optical drive belt if required
  • replace the 7805 voltage regulators, fuses and other components as required
  • system cleanup and verification

SegaCD 1 repair

  • Brand: Sega
  • Product Code: SEGACDREPAIR
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $75.00 CAD