There are many ways to unlock an OG XBOX (softmod, TSOP, period correct XBOX modchip) The newest and most flexible solution is the OpenXenium modchip. This modchip will this work with every revision of the original XBOX console. Unlike softmod, it will allow you to recover from a dead hard drive, and unlike a TSOP or old XBOX modchip, you can easily switch to different BIOS images as well as recover from a bad flash.  You can find more information about this modchip here.


  • The OpenXenium modchip must be provided by the customer
  • An OG XBOX console must be provided in good working condition

XBOX Modchip install

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Product Code: XBOX_MODCHIP
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $40.00 CAD

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