As is, the Neo Geo AES outputs RGB from its 8 pin DIN port found at the back of the console.  Unfortunately, depending on the revision of the console, the quality of the RGB varies from average to poor with multiple different artifacts in the video outputs as well as overall dim colors. Different AES revisions require different modifications to improve the overall quality of the RGB output.  It doesn't matter what revision you have, they can all be modified for optimal performance and compatibility.

A comprehensive install includes the following:

  • Install an RGB bypass in your Neo Geo AES console (varies by console revision)
  • (optional) we can install an LED in the reset switch upon request at no additional cost
  • The centre post of the top shell will be cut off. It serves no real purpose and has been known to crack the main PCB.
  • system cleanup and verification


  • A Neo Geo AES system must be provided in good working condition
  • We strongly recommend the Neo Geo AES Universe BIOS mod. Ask us about our discount if we provide both services at the same time.

Neo Geo AES RGB bypass install

  • Brand: SNK
  • Product Code: NEOGEO_RGB
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $40.00 CAD

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