The GameBoy Advance Consolizer is a popular kit that converts the GBA from a portable device to one that you can play on your TV. There are 2 different ways to accomplish this. Either use the original case and replace the original GBA LCD screen with the HDMI and power interface board. Alternatively, you can install it all into a new 3D printed shell as shown here.

A comprehensive install includes the following:

  • Disassemble the GBA and recover the required components
  • install and assemble the GBA Consolizer kit
  • verify operations


  • The GameBoy Advance unit must boot
  • all components must be provided by the customer. We can help you with tracking down the required components but it's not something we stock.

GameBoy Advance Consolizer

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Product Code: GBA_CONSOLIZER
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  • $100.00 CAD