Original XBOX consoles are now over 20 years old. Some of them have aged better than others. There are 2 common failures with the original XBOX that might effect your console and stop it from working correctly.

1) Clock capacitor - XBOX does not use a Lithium cell battery (e.g. CR2032) to store date/time. Instead, Microsoft decided to use a super capacitor to store that data while the console is off. This capacitor is known to leak. The leaking juice is known to eat traces on the XBOX motherboard which prevents the system from working correctly. The clock capacitor isn't needed for XBOX 1.0-1.5; it only held the date/time for about 30 days when new. XBOX 1.6 clock capacitors are not as prone to this failure; an XBOX 1.6 will not turn on if the clock capacitor is missing.

2) CPU/GPU soothing capacitors - Especially true for the XBOX 1.6 revision (e.g. crystal XBOX) there are five 3300uF 6.3V power capacitors that boil over and pop. When this happens, the system doesn't turn on anymore.


  • XBOX 1.0 - 1.5: Remove the clock capacitor and clean the damage around it.
  • XBOX 1.6: Replace the CPU/GPU soothing capacitors with new, higher temperate and higher voltage rated capacitors.

XBOX Capacitor Repair

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